Thursday, April 16, 2015

Update Your Kitchen With Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The average kitchen undergoes a lot of wear and tear over the years with constant use. In fact, the kitchen is the one room in the house which every family member uses every day. Just imagine if a door could talk, wouldn't your kitchen doors complain of being used constantly. This overuse results in the natural deterioration of the hinges and excessive wear in other areas as well. To keep your kitchen functional, it may be time for replacement kitchen doors.

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The most commonly replaced doors in the kitchen are the doors of the cabinet. Cabinets hold dishes, glasses and cookware, thus each time your family prepares for a meal; the doors are opened and closed. They're even used in between meals for snack time and throughout the day to retrieve glasses. With never ending opening and closing, the cabinet doors endure a lot of wear and tear. Kitchen cabinet replacement doors become necessary due to their overuse and when the homeowners decide to renovate or redecorate the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Doors

A homeowner might decide to upgrade the look of their kitchen by adding doors with more detail and a more sophisticated appearance. Homes with a more upscale kitchen often have solid wood doors with raised panels on their cabinets. They may also choose doors with glass panes to show off lighted shelves. This look often uses colored lights to give the whole room a new ambience. This actually proves that using kitchen cabinet doors replacement to change the kitchen's overall appearance is quite possible, if the right materials are employed.

Changing the Total Look of a Kitchen

Replacement kitchen doors can change the façade of a whole wall. In most kitchens, you find that the cabinets line most of the walls. Some ceiling and floor cabinets leave a space for the counter and a backdrop breaking up the façade of the cabinets, while others have floor to ceiling cabinets. In areas occupied by floor to ceiling doors, the whole wall is the cabinets. Kitchen cabinet doors replacement in these areas gives the whole wall a new look.

The Great Contribution to Design that Cabinet Doors Make

Cabinets contribute to creating the look of a kitchen because they are the major visual element of a kitchen with cabinets. They consume most of the visual space, followed by the countertops and finally by the appliances. When a homeowner decides to renovate, replacement kitchen cabinet doors are one of the first things to consider because of the great affect that changing them makes to the overall theme of the kitchen.

Updating or renovating your kitchen adds the greatest increase in value to your home. Confining the areas that need to be changed to the cabinets could make a huge difference with the amount of investment dollars needed. After evaluating the real problems with your current kitchen's design, consider if those ideas could be focused on replacing the doors of the cabinet. Could your kitchen's facelift be completed with simply changing the kitchen cabinets? If so, change the doors and enjoy your new kitchen.

Replacement of Kitchen Cabinet Doors Only

Eventually your kitchen cabinet doors only are needed to be replaced or refurnished since they are exposed to more wear and rear for always being used. Can you figure out how many times a kitchen cabinet door is opened and closed in one year? And then the smoke, heat, and grease of cooking that causes further damage. If you start to remodel your kitchen then the very first thing you need to think about it is kitchen cabinet doors. The cabinets are probably fine - it is only the doors that need replacing.

Kitchen Doors Replacement Material

Replacing them is considered remodeling of the kitchen. For replacements that are appropriate, there are wide assortments of selections obtainable in terms of design, style, or material. This article will be discussing what to do for remodeling your kitchen.

Mainly, kitchen cabinet doors are all made of wood; Laminate is a good choice due to its easy maintenance and durability. If you don't like wood, two other choices are glass or stainless steel doors. It really doesn't matter what material you chose for the them or you can use the same material the cabinet is made of. The one thing that you should keep in mind is the base coat and the doors need to be similar or close enough.

Cabinet Door Frames

Either frame-less or framed doors are available in the market place. Whether you need to go frame-less or framed really doesn't matter - it depends on the kind of base cabinet you have. The framed door shows about one inch of the border on each of the 4 sides of the door while with doors that are frame-less you will not find any frame in the front and these are fixed on the side of the cabinet base. The hinges of the frame-less doors are normally hidden; while those of the framed ones are exposed. There are many unique doors framed available that look as if it is frame-less, but when closed, very little or no base is visible.

Cabinet Material Styles

Generally, there are 3 styles that are different and are accessible for cabinet doors. One is a plain door that is flat, the second is recessed door and third raised panel door. In each style, there are many assortments to be found. The frame can be varied in thickness, the edges could be curved, or straight, or the panels could be hollow or flat. If you want, you could keep the styles of the drawer, the fronts of cabinets and do the doors differently.

Cabinet Door Hardware

The most interesting part of refinishing is of the doors of the kitchen cabinet. You can obtain a lot of information for experimentation. It is like putting up some of the accessories on the kitchen cabinet. A very sleek piece of hardware in the form of a knob or handle may give a style to your old kitchen cabinet doors. It is not necessary that you have to use only 1 type of hardware for all the cabinets. You can even match and mix with an assortment of varieties and use them on the cabinets.

This option is less expensive as compared to other methods of kitchen remodeling. The job of replacing these cabinet doors can be done in a far less amount of time.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement Might Just Sell a Home

Do you know that the kitchen and the bathroom are the two main selling points of a house? No matter how big the bedroom is, no matter how grand the staircase may be, if the kitchen does not live up to the expectation of the buyer, the house will not be sold. Home owners are hesitant in remodeling their kitchen because they know that it will take them a lot of time, effort and money. However, there is one trick you can do so your entire kitchen may seem renovated although it is not really so.

In an old house, you will see how outdated the kitchen really is. The design of the cabinets is no longer in fashion making the kitchen look old. Now, you do not have to strip all the tiles, paint the walls and add lighting fixtures to fix the problem. A more practical and affordable solution is to have kitchen cabinet door replacement. It is a project that is easy to do and it does not have to burn a hole in your pocket.

If you want your kitchen to shed out the outdated look and go for a more modern faade, kitchen cabinet door replacement is the answer. You do not have to rip out the entire cabinet. All you have to do is replace the doors. You can reuse all the drawers and the boxes inside and that will save you a lot of money in the process. You can even reuse the bolt and screws if it fits the new doors.

The first step of kitchen cabinet door replacement is to make sure that the existing cabinets are still structurally sound. If it is, then proceed with the ripping apart of the doors. In choosing the replacement doors, you can look at magazines for inspiration, look at the mall to view more options or even browse online. Make sure you choose a design that will compliment the room. Do not forget to give a fresh paint over the whole face of the cabinet so the entire area looks brand new.

Once everything is done, stand back and view your work of art. Note that kitchen cabinet door replacement might just be the key in selling your property. Have your previous prospective buyers look at your property after the kitchen door replacement and watch their amazement with the outcome. You might even get an offer you did not get before.

Beautify Your Home With Corner Curio Cabinets

Many of us wish to decorate our homes with beautiful furniture to achieve a comfortable ambiance; one that exudes a warm and inviting feeling, and makes your friends and family want to come over for parties or other gatherings. However, constantly having people over to your home can be risky for the collectibles, memorabilia, and other valuables you may have in your home. They may touch the untouchables, accidentally drop the fine china, or cause a dent on your sports trophies. So how can you keep all your valuables safe while still showcasing them? Enter Curio Cabinets.

What are Curio Cabinets?

Corner curio cabinets are decorative pieces of furniture meant to store your collectibles, memorabilia, and other valuables. They are often ornately designed and well crafted. Curio Cabinets are usually distinctive pieces of furniture in many homes; they can generally be described as tall, narrow pieces, with glass doors for showcasing your valuables. Traditional Curio Cabinets are designed with the utmost detail with classic lines and decorative accents. More modernized curio cabinets tend to use straighter, sharper lines and will look great in any home with the same direction in design.

What are corner curio cabinets used for?

The most common items placed within Curio Cabinets for showcase include:

- Figurines

- Silverware

- Fine China

- Ceramics and Porcelain

- Shot Glasses

- Sports Trophies and Awards

- Valuable Toys

- Photographs

- Jewelry

- Wine and Wine Glasses

- Fine Art

- Other Sentimental Collectibles and Memorabilia

Really there is no actual definition of what goes into a Curio Cabinet. It will change from person to person, depending on what he or she feels is valuable and impressive enough to show off to guests.

Types of Curio Cabinets:

Standard Wall Curios:

- Standard wall curios are your typical curio cabinet. They are tall and narrow, normally in a squared or rectangular shape. However don't be surprised to see dylindrical curios. With the exception of the cylindrical curios, most wall curio cabinets are going to have flat backs. The point of these is to be placed against walls, but not necessarily in corners (unless you wish to place them there).

Corner Curio Cabinets:

- Corner curio cabinets are your typical wall curio, however these must be placed in corners. Many corner curio cabinets tend to be triangular or wedge-shaped where the pointed end would go into the corner. You may also place square and rectangular cabinets in corners if you wish, though corner curios are generally a more efficient use of the space.

Miniature Curios and Console Tables:

- Miniature Curios are exactly as they sound. They are smaller version of standard wall curios, usually shorter. They tend to be better suited for compact or higher trafficked areas.

- Console Tables are similar to miniature curio cabinets (especially in size); however they take on a more traditional, four-legged table design.

Hanging Curios:

- Hanging curios are small curio cabinets that are light enough to be hung. The great thing about these curios is that most are also wall mountable.

Now that you have a good understanding of what a Curio Cabinet is and the different types, time to find the one that best suits your home. Curio Cabinets are going to add the extra beautiful brilliance that your house and collectables deserves. Whether you decide on a traditional curio cabinet or modern, just know that your home is going to look great and your valuables are safe and sound.

Three Tips on Choosing a Corner Curio Cabinets

If you want to add a touch of elegance and class to your home, one of the best ways to do it is by adding a corner curio cabinets to it. Regardless of what other furniture you may already have in a room, the fact is a curio will greatly enhance a room's ambiance. Therefore, we are going to provide three tips on picking the right curio cabinet for your home.

First, you should decide on which room you will place the cabinet in. The size of the space you have available, as well as its location, will play the primary role in determine which kind of curio you get. As an example, if you have a small corner available, a small corner curio cabinets may be your best choice. On the other hand, if you have absolutely no space but still desire to elegantly display your items, a wall curio cabinet may be best.

Next, you should decide which trinkets you would like to display. Since curios come with different shelving configurations (as well as compositions i.e. glass or wood), the items you wish to display will play a huge role in the cabinet you choose. As an example, if you have crystal figurines to display, you may wish to get wood shelving to accentuate the items. On the other hand, you may instead prefer glass shelving so they will have a floating appearance. The choice will be up to you.

Lastly, you should consider which style of cabinet you would like. While the furniture that is already in the room will help determine the style, so will your preferences. Do you want a tall curio with straight edges? Or do you fancy a shorter cabinet with curved edges. It is not an exaggeration when we say there are almost as many styles of cabinets as there are people to buy them. We believe that if you use the three hints, you will be able to find the curio cabinet of your dreams.

A Corner Bathroom Cabinet For the Home

Most homes would have been better for it if they had cabinets occupying different parts of the home. Such furniture items will not only store different items, which is their primary responsibility, but will equally beautify or add color to your home. These chests or cases can even be made for our bathrooms. A corner bathroom cabinet can be made to occupy edged in space that can be used to store items like paste, soap, shampoo and other bathing accessories with each member of the family having his or her drawer. If your bathroom seems too small to take any cabinet, you should not worry as these cabinets come in different shapes and sizes and there should be one to meet your specification, otherwise, one can be made to meet this space constraint. Once you have gotten a corner bathroom cabinet in your residence, there will be no occasion for you or other members of your family in forgetting any bathroom accessory as they will all be placed next to your bathroom. Another benefit this has is reducing the possibility of anyone going late for any engagement due to loss of such items.

If you have concluded in buying a corner bathroom cabinet, then you should confirm from a sales representative if the one you want to buy is okay for your bathroom corner as this will likely be subjected to soapy water, etc. which may damage the cabinet. That is why confirmation should be gotten concerning the materials used in making this cabinet, if they can withstand such exposure. However, another cabinet type that should add value to your residence is apothecary chest. This chest has been around since the medieval period. The term 'Apothecary' refers to someone; a kind of pharmacist of that era, who dispensed medication that were stored in this chest.

The apothecary cabinet is sometimes made of many small, but deep drawers with segments created. Names or titles of substances in the drawers were written in front of them so they can be located easily.

Today however, the apothecary cabinet is used in homes as a storage item for different odds and ends. They come in various sizes with small ones being used for keeping trinkets and bigger versions for keeping clothes, etc. It is still possible you have some being used to still keep drugs. Anyway before you get either a corner bathroom cabinet or an apothecary cabinet into your home there may be need for you to do some careful planning and reorganization. Remember those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Bathroom Linen Cabinets For a Contemporary Bathroom

There was a time when a linen cabinet had its home in the bedroom or maybe the dining room or laundry room, even the hallway, landing or walk-in closet. Nowadays, though, the desire for convenience, and the greater focus on the bathroom, has led to the popularity of bathroom linen cabinets. These are not for the storage of bed linen or table linen, of course, but for towel storage.

When linen cabinets were first made many centuries ago they were made of solid wood and bathrooms did not exist, at least not in the average home and in the way we know them today. Today just about every home in the Western world has a bathroom and with the bathroom comes a collection of towels. Storing spare clean towels in the bathroom is not essential but it is certainly a greater convenience than having the towels in an adjacent or nearby room or hallway; thus the demand for bathroom linen cabinets.

Storage space in a bathroom can be something of a problem in many homes; small bathrooms especially may have a shortage of floor space to add more storage furniture. For that reason the idea of a tall linen tower or cabinet is a popular one, either as an over toilet cabinet or a free standing storage unit elsewhere in the bathroom. Mostly you will find cabinets made of wood due to the need for doors, although a mix of metal, wood and glass are all feasible.

If you decide to go for a tall linen cabinet be sure that the floor is even and you fill the cabinet from the bottom upwards. This should rarely be a problem in a modern home unless it is a very cheap self assembly cabinet that is poorly made; such cabinets should not make it into reputable stores. Anyway wall mounting is always an option for extra stability; in fact a wall mounted cabinet can be even more of a bathroom space saver.