Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Custom Or Not?

Availing of customized bathroom wall cabinets has its good points and bad points. If you're building your dream house right now and is looking for the best furniture and fixtures to go with it, choosing between custom and pre-crafted cabinets might have gotten the best of you.

To make the decision easier, read on the advantages and disadvantages of getting custom cabinets here:


1. You define the design.
With the customized option, there's no limit as to what you can create. Use your imagination and your artistic ability to create masterpieces that are uniquely yours. Also, you are free to dictate the look, shape, and style of the cabinet. This means that you'll get the exactly what you need. The style you decide on is going to be a big factor as well. You can go for single door cabinet, double door, or even ones with multiple doors, depending upon your requirements. If you want a pullout handle or a sliding door, those are also possible. You also have the last say as to what type of material you want to use for your cabinet.

2. Better capacity.
Cabinets are multi-purpose furniture. And their functionality depends upon how much they can store. If you have a lot of things to put inside the cabinet, you can request yours to have as many shelves as possible. That way, your things don't have to adjust to the cabinet. Sometimes, it's a pain to have so much space that you can't use. But because you will design the cabinet yourself, you can simply pattern the shelves according to the things you'll put inside.

3. Freedom of form.
Now you can break free from the standards. If you're fed up with all the bathroom wall cabinets for sale at online shops and home centers having the same size, shape, and dimensions, you don't have to conform to it any longer. Measure your bathroom. Determine the height and the length of the cabinet you need. Finally, you'll get something that really fits in the space where you 'd like to put the cabinet in.


1. Costly
The first downside of custom bathroom wall cabinets is its price. Because of its uniqueness, the cost of the cabinet is relatively higher than its actual market value. It could even go twice as high as its pre-crafted counterpart. If finances are of big concern for you, then the customized option may not work.

2. Time consuming
If you are in a rush to renovate your bathroom and can't wait for a week or two for the bathroom wall cabinets to be delivered, then you are better off buying from the store. Expect custom cabinets would take time to make.

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