Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beautify Your Home With Corner Curio Cabinets

Many of us wish to decorate our homes with beautiful furniture to achieve a comfortable ambiance; one that exudes a warm and inviting feeling, and makes your friends and family want to come over for parties or other gatherings. However, constantly having people over to your home can be risky for the collectibles, memorabilia, and other valuables you may have in your home. They may touch the untouchables, accidentally drop the fine china, or cause a dent on your sports trophies. So how can you keep all your valuables safe while still showcasing them? Enter Curio Cabinets.

What are Curio Cabinets?

Corner curio cabinets are decorative pieces of furniture meant to store your collectibles, memorabilia, and other valuables. They are often ornately designed and well crafted. Curio Cabinets are usually distinctive pieces of furniture in many homes; they can generally be described as tall, narrow pieces, with glass doors for showcasing your valuables. Traditional Curio Cabinets are designed with the utmost detail with classic lines and decorative accents. More modernized curio cabinets tend to use straighter, sharper lines and will look great in any home with the same direction in design.

What are corner curio cabinets used for?

The most common items placed within Curio Cabinets for showcase include:

- Figurines

- Silverware

- Fine China

- Ceramics and Porcelain

- Shot Glasses

- Sports Trophies and Awards

- Valuable Toys

- Photographs

- Jewelry

- Wine and Wine Glasses

- Fine Art

- Other Sentimental Collectibles and Memorabilia

Really there is no actual definition of what goes into a Curio Cabinet. It will change from person to person, depending on what he or she feels is valuable and impressive enough to show off to guests.

Types of Curio Cabinets:

Standard Wall Curios:

- Standard wall curios are your typical curio cabinet. They are tall and narrow, normally in a squared or rectangular shape. However don't be surprised to see dylindrical curios. With the exception of the cylindrical curios, most wall curio cabinets are going to have flat backs. The point of these is to be placed against walls, but not necessarily in corners (unless you wish to place them there).

Corner Curio Cabinets:

- Corner curio cabinets are your typical wall curio, however these must be placed in corners. Many corner curio cabinets tend to be triangular or wedge-shaped where the pointed end would go into the corner. You may also place square and rectangular cabinets in corners if you wish, though corner curios are generally a more efficient use of the space.

Miniature Curios and Console Tables:

- Miniature Curios are exactly as they sound. They are smaller version of standard wall curios, usually shorter. They tend to be better suited for compact or higher trafficked areas.

- Console Tables are similar to miniature curio cabinets (especially in size); however they take on a more traditional, four-legged table design.

Hanging Curios:

- Hanging curios are small curio cabinets that are light enough to be hung. The great thing about these curios is that most are also wall mountable.

Now that you have a good understanding of what a Curio Cabinet is and the different types, time to find the one that best suits your home. Curio Cabinets are going to add the extra beautiful brilliance that your house and collectables deserves. Whether you decide on a traditional curio cabinet or modern, just know that your home is going to look great and your valuables are safe and sound.

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