Thursday, April 9, 2015

Corner Curio Cabinets - Make Use of That Wasted Space

Everyone has something that they would like to showcase, something that they want o put on a shelf and proudly display to everyone that visits their home. It could be a set of fine china or childhood trophies. It could be family photos or an autographed baseball collection or it could even be a mixture of them all. The best way to showcase your items is a curio cabinet and nothing makes better use of that wasted corner space than corner curio cabinets.

Corner curio cabinets come in many different designs and styles. The choice comes down to how much shelf space you might need and how much space you have in your room. The great thing about corner units is they blend right it and they do not appear bulky or overbearing. They simply make the best use of that wasted space and they can become a great focal point to any room.

Once you know how much shelf space you need you are ready to start thinking about the construction of the cabinet. Some corner curio cabinets feature an all glass construction except for the frame. These are a great choice and your items can be seen from anywhere in the room. Another great feature to look for is mirrored backs and soft lit displays.

That's right some corner units have built in lighting that is just perfect for catching your attention and lighting up your china or family photos. Another popular design is constructed completely from wood and you have your choice of wood types, grains and colors. One very important thing to remember when choosing an all wood model is that the wood will darken slightly over time.

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