Sunday, April 5, 2015

Adding a Customized Look to Your Kitchen Using Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Many people are now developing ideas to increase their kitchen appeal. This is largely due to the explosion of television shows dedicated to the home improvement movement. Ideas ranging from kitchen cabinet doors as decorative wanes-coating to moldings as accent pieces; now, it's all part of a kitchen layout. Only a few short years ago the only show that existed was "This Old House". Now there are currently over fifty different home improvement shows being produced or in production. It is an incredible number and because of this great ideas are being produced.

An idea that keeps coming up is using kitchen cabinet doors as accents or decorations in the kitchen. Some people might be asking how this is being done. Maybe the first thing to do is to define a word used in the previous paragraph and further more, clear up some other definitions. Wanes-coating is a decorative wood design (almost like a paneling) that is used on walls up to a certain height. That height is usually about four feet or to a "chair rail". That leads to what is a chair rail? A chair rail is the molding that divides the wanes-coating and the upper part of the wall (which is usually just paint over drywall). So to sum this up: wanes-coating on the bottom, divided with a chair rail, and then finally a flat wall usually covered with wall paper or paint.

So now that is cleared up, we can ask what is being done with these kitchen cabinet doors. Kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors go hand and hand in most houses. Using these doors as an accent is a great way to improve the look or feel of this part of the house. If you take one or two exposed walls in your kitchen and decide to place kitchen cabinet doors on these walls you will have to provide proper spacing and suitable placement. You don't want to over populate the walls with kitchen cabinet doors, instead even spacing will make the wall look classy and define it as a showpiece.

So a nice row of kitchen cabinet doors along one or two walls can be a great accent to any kitchen. But where else could this idea work? Maybe you only have a small kitchen with limited wall space and this idea just does not work; but you still want something different. Another option is centering a kitchen cabinet door on the back side of an island. Instead of using a blank island panel, put one or two kitchen cabinet doors on top of the panel. Just keep the blank island panel and place the doors on top. It is a nice feature and makes for a very tasteful finish.

With these ideas you can grow your kitchen into something special. And from this maybe you will come up with your own ideas to enhance the look of your kitchen. Just remember to ask your cabinet retailer if they sell separate kitchen cabinet doors. Other than that, your kitchen is only limited to your own creativity.

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