Monday, April 13, 2015

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Are Available in a Variety of Styles

The kitchen is the room in the home that many of us hold in a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately, it is also a room that gets abused like no other. People are in and out of the closets all day and have no regard to the abuse that they are causing. When it is time to give the kitchen a facelift, new kitchen cabinet doors may be the solution that works best.

There are so many different styles of doors to choose from that the kitchen can be given a complete face lift with new doors. However, it is important to really match up the doors with the overall theme because things often look different when they go up than they do at the store. Get online and do some research before committing to a particular set of doors.

Flat panel doors are very common these days and are always a safe bet. They will usually have some small design that is built into them, but the center and outside panel will be the same depth. The door itself may actually have two different levels to it, but they are still considered to be flat panel designs.

A raised panel will have three different tiers of designs. The highest level will often be the middle tier as the inside design will be raised up from the perimeter, hence the name. These are a very safe upgrade that will add a little extra punch to the room without going overboard on the design change.

Right thermo foil (RTF) doors are also very popular these days. The big difference within this category is the amount of times that the doors are passed through the machining process during their construction. A RTF-5 pass will cost more than an RTF-3 pass because it has gone through two additional times.

When the door style and design has been chosen, choosing the right material should be next. While there are aluminum and glass cabinet doors, the most commonly chosen are wood and laminate designs. There may be some things taken into consideration when making this choice to make sure that the best surface for this particular kitchen is being chosen.

Kitchens that have bad ventilation will benefit from laminate doors simply because of the ease of cleaning. Don't forget, wood is a porous material and even if they are sealed, the lack of circulation can cause the grease in the air to gradually break down the finish. Laminate doors can usually just be wiped down with no deteriorating effects.

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