Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hardware and Other Details That Come Along With Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Most of us focus on the inside when we talk about bathroom medicine cabinets. What items should be stored in there? What are your shelving options? Is there enough room to store things like hair curlers, hair blowers and brushes? How can one maintain the order and cleanliness and avoid clutter inside these cabinets?

What's inside these bathroom cabinets and details about it are very important. No doubt about that. However, the surrounding elements, fixtures and hardware are significant as well. For instance, let's start with the kind of material you would like to use. Are you going for a plastic medicine cabinet? How about stainless steel? Or would you rather choose wood? There are very nice types of wood that are used in making a cabinet like cedar, mahogany, oak and pine.

Aside from considering what kind of material that bathroom cabinet is made of, you should also pay attention to details concerning the mirror. Most medicine cabinets found in the bathroom are mirrored especially if they are placed over the sink. But there are those who don't have a mirror in front of them. So it's yours to decide whether you will go for a mirrored one or not.

There is also an option for you to order custom cabinets if you really can't find the perfect medicine cabinet for you or if you just want to have your own design. That is also something to think about. Another concern is the bathroom sink. How inches tall or apart do you plan your cabinet be from your sink? Do you want it located right above that sink or just at the adjacent corner?

Lighting is another thing may or may not come along with your bathroom medicine cabinets. You need to consider if you want to have a matching light bar or bulb affixed either to the sides of your cabinet or above it. But if you already have a particular lighting in that area, say, at the ceiling, and it's bright enough, you may pass this one up.

Your medicine cabinet can either be recessed or mounted to the wall. If you want it deep-set behind your wall, you should consider investigating first. There may be power lines or vent pipes running behind that wall and you just can't tear those down. There will be a great chance that you have to remodel your whole bathroom in case those pipes and wiring are indeed present in there. That is if you really want to pursue your plans of placing your medicine cabinet in that area.

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