Monday, April 13, 2015

Glass Cabinet Doors - Selecting the Right Hinges

It is not easy to find the right kind of material for your cabinet doors. You have to choose from metal, plastic, wood and glass. Once you have decided on the material, you also have to take some detailed decisions. Normally, people prefer wood as a material for Glass Cabinet Doors. In general, you can go for a solid wood or a lighter wood. Before making any decision in this regard, do take into consideration factors like weight and price.

If you are interested in getting cabinets of cherry and oak, make sure that your cabinet door hinges can handle them properly. Although, these solid wood cabinets are good in terms of quality but they are quite costly as compared to other cabinetry choices. If you do not like the feel of bigger cabinet door hinges, you have to look out for different variety of wood.

Plenty of cabinets are made of woods such as particleboard and plywood. There are some people who think that cabinet doors made from particleboard and plywood are not of high quality. This is not true as wood pieces are normally cut to the perfect shape. Furthermore, they are finished and stained too in order to give a classy feel to your cabinetry.

The plywood cabinets are lighter in nature as compared to the thicker, solid wood cabinets. Instead of going for big cherry cabinet doors, you should go for a decorative cabinet door hinges. The best part about decorative cabinet door hinges is that it adds an extra bit of class to your cabinetry.

Talking about particleboard, some people believe that it is not suitable for daily usage as it is not that strong. But this is not the case anymore as particleboard of today are sturdier made from chips of glue and wood. Stronger adhesives are also the reason why particleboard of today is lot stronger as compared to previous years.

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